The Millionaire Memoir For Women in Business

Edgejumper is the millionaire memoir for women in business who want to win by design! Edgejumper: a fearless woman chasing her professional goals with unwavering determination, despite the odds.

Own the book that belongs in every businesswoman’s briefcase!

About Lynn Fenster

Lynn Fenster Smith has answered to many titles: Wife, Mother, Bank Chair, Real Estate Guru, and more. She is both a lender and investor and has lent billions of dollars to others for property investments and other ventures over her lifetime.

As a self-defined edge jumper, she accomplished the list above by taking risks and deciding that being a mom and 2x divorcee would not be the extent of her legacy. “I have adopted the idea that you are the youngest you will ever be right now!” says Lynn.

At one point in Lynn’s life, she required a 24-hour bodyguard due to death threats stemming from her uncompromising approach to business. But this never stopped her. At 77, she continues to be an edge jumper and has added “Author” to her collection of titles.

What is an Edge Jumper: An edge jumper is a woman who has decided to move forward with her professional goals at all costs with no guarantees. She is someone who rejects the road laid out for her by others to find her own.

“I believe every woman has an E.D.G.E. It's the point where she decides "Every Dream Gets Explored as opposed to playing it safe!”

Why Did She Write The Book?

I wrote the book to answer the question: where do you start when starting over?

So many women are given generic advice and told to be strong and get over it in these times. I wanted to give a real-life account and what and how to do this.

I want to ensure women know that I am proof of what can happen to a woman when she is pushed to the edge. I wrote the book and spread this message so passionately to show that I am a woman in my late 70s and still edge jumping by becoming an author.

Being a true edge jumper is a lifelong characteristic and not a one-time thing. This book serves as a reminder it's never too late, and you are the youngest you will ever be right now!

This book is in no way against men—it’s just not about them. It celebrates women in all their glory apart from their male counterparts.

About The Book

Edge Jumper explores the challenges we all face in times of adversity.

A Scandal Unresolved

A self-made, complex woman who carved out her own path with hands-on education, made history in banking, and faced an unsolved disaster reeking of greed and gender bias. Readers with a spot for non-fiction scandals of

complicated, determined women will not be disappointed with the soft grit of Lynn Fenster Smith’s Edge Jumper.

Her newly released story is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and more. Lynn weaves a no-holds-barred, raw, reality account of generosity, vulnerability, societal restraints, strength, impeccable style, defiance, ups and downs, passion, and a target for hidden agendas with a riveting focus to take care of her family in her own words.

One of her life choices was to take on a group of New York power-brokers head-on in a brutal battle that would make national and local headlines.

What Is She Against?

I am against women being bullied because they are women. I am against women being silenced, especially in the realms of high-level business. I am against women being confined and limited to domestic roles.

I am against women being defined and dismissed as “cute” when in positions of power. I am against the notion that women lose their femininity when they acquire positions of power. I am against women feeling like a failed marriage defines their worth as a woman.

I am against women feeling like it’s too late. I am against women settling for anything less than what they want. I am against “big business” being defined as a “masculine business.

What Does She Stand For?

I am for women winning by design. I am for women being intentional about their legacy. I am for women going for what they want and being self-defined.

I am for women being included in more conversations about how wealth is distributed in America. I am for women being aggressive investors. I am for women being mothers and executives.

I am for women starting over and full-heartedly chasing after their dreams. I am for women being heard. I am for women wanting to franchise and enterprise.


My bank was stolen from me and the government won’t tell me why!

What Do You Think Happened?

My bank was stolen from me, and the government won’t tell me why!

My public records have been closed for decades with no explanation. In EdgeJumper I give a detailed account of what led up to one of the darkest times in my life and how I came to know one of the most politically powerful men in America to date.

How little or how much involvement he had with the theft of my bank I will leave up to you to decide.

EdgeJumper Spotlight Reviews

I love this book! It really digs into the question of what to do when you don't know what to do.


Ivy Marlin

Excited Reader

Lynn has really shed light on what it takes to be a woman in business but more specifically finance. I especially appreciate knowing the history of the bank that my mother was able to help become a reality.


Nifretta Thomas

Excited Reader

I am so proud of my friend Lynn Fenster- Smith! This book speaks to why women must move forward with their dreams unapologetically!


Marie Woodson

State Representative

EDGEJUMPER: A fearless woman chasing her professional goals with unwavering determination, despite the odds.

Whether you are a future edge jumper or have been fearlessly jumping for years, I’d love to hear from you.

I wrote Edge Jumper not only to tell my story, but to give a voice to all those braving what this world throws at them with bravery, boldness and fearlessness. I’d love to hear your Edge Jumper story!

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